Happy in your skin

There is an absence of cross-cultural/ethnic books in K-12. Especially, books written by parents having first hand experience. Representation is key, when kids see themselves in a books or have teachers that look like them, research has shown, they excel and can see themselves as successful. This book is a touching narrative that teaches kids to not only tolerate, but to embrace human differences.

It is imperative that teachers and families build cross cultural competence. This book is a great step to building, also one that is easily digestible for kids and fun to read! The visual/animation bring the story to life! I highly recommend as a fun and easy read for educators and families.

Amazon Verified Purchase Review for Happy In You Skin, Written by Erlin Kakkanad, PhD.

Cultural intersectionality

Cultural intersectionality can show up as early as preschool age and In this book, Rafa is curious about his cultural identity

When children have curiosities about their race and identity, they are looking for answers and support from their parents, teachers, and friends.

When the questions are not addressed, there are 3 big impacts :

  1. There can be impacts on the kids confidence and self - esteem and they will strive to "fit -in"

  2. They will start believing the stereotypes and myths of their culture & race based on what they see in the media

  3. Unconscious biases will set in their belief system

Diversity in the family reading collection

Including books with diverse character and family stories that don't look like yours, can help develop neuro paths in the child's mind about appreciation for all other cultures, ethnicity, and race.

Kids will love Rafa.

Why do I not look like the others at my school.

Kids see color and as parents we should be prepared to show them their gifts and talents.

Helping children learn about different ethnicities can help them accept others and become inclusive and thus can develop them in to an inclusive future leader.

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