Advance your Career & Life

Why hire a Life coach and Career coach

An executive career coach can boost your career.

Navigate career shifts, job transitions, earn promotions, and plan your long term career with an experiences and trusted career coach.

Develop clarity, leadership skills, and executive presence needed for career growth.

Take ownership of your career path, plan your long-term goals, and position yourself for advancement.

Top 4 reasons why you should hire a career coach:

  • You are ready to move up in their careers. When you'd like to advance your career with a promotion at your current firm, working with a coach can help you to sharpen certain skills you already have and introduce you to others you haven't yet mastered.

  • You are ready for a new opportunity at a different company. Your coach will help you gain clarity in what your purpose and help your acheive a meaningful life by helping you map out your goals in the new job.

  • It's time for a major career change.

  • You want to establish a meaningful career path and work-life balance.

Clients work with Erlin for the below services:

  1. Executive presence - acting with gravitas

  2. Influence - getting the visibility you always wanted

  3. Leading others through authentic leadership

  4. Communication - Sharpen your skills to present and collaborate effectively

  5. Time management

meet your Executive career coach & life coach

Erlin Kakkanad, PhD. Author.

Erlin Kakkanad has over 18+ years of experience working as a Corporate leadership consultant and coach within Tech, Airline, Beauty and Skincare, Banking, Insurance, and Financial Services industries.

She started her career in India and later traveled to Canada and now is based in the US.

Erlin is passionate about helping people live meaningful life by finding meaning in work, which was also her PhD thesis and research work.

Erlin is passionate about women entrepreneurship and innovation.

Her enterpreneurial journey:

In 2020, from her own experience in searching for a childcare, She founded Kids Care Share – a one-stop shop to make the search for childcare easy and quick.

Keynote Speaker at conference

She regularly delivers keynotes and workshops at various events including leadership conferences, Creative Problem-solving forums, and women entrepreneurship groups.

Keynote and lectures at universities

Erlin frequently gives guest lectures on topics related to Meaningful work, Work life balance, Story telling, Inclusion, and executive presence at various leading universities and events.


Erlin debuted as an Author and published her first children's book - Happy in Your Skin - Is Rafa different. This book was created from a personal experience about the lessons about race and ethnicity that she learned from her children.

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ERLIN KAKKANAD, PhD - Life and Career coach